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D&P Property Management is a division of 3D Realty and Property Management, LLC and a member of National Association of Residential Property Managers.

We are veteran owned, independently operated, full service property management company.

Our professional staff will serve as your eyes, ears and local representative to ensure your property operates efficiently and effectively. Our goal is to protect and maintain your investment so your property is successful. Being an absentee owner can sometimes become overwhelming. It’s difficult to manage rent collection, maintenance and repairs when you reside outside the location area of your rental property.

Using our services, owners do not have to take the time to deal with sub-contractors, warranty companies, home owner associations or common issues that may arise while leasing a home. We do all the work and you sit back and earn valuable rental income each month.

Our professional services include:

  1. Market preparation
  2. Marketing and advertising the property for rent
  3. Tenant screening and placement
  4. Preparation of the lease agreement, lease renewals and/or lease termination
  5. Move In and Move Out reports, includes HD pictures
  6. Collection of security deposits, pet deposits if applicable and monthly rental payments
  7. Taking care of any Homeowner Association issues
  8. Contacting contractors for all maintenance and repair issues
  9. Property inspections and pictures
  10. Rents will be collected between the 1st and 3rd of every month.
  11. Payments will be deposited into your account between the 5th – 9th of every month.
  12. Monthly Owner Statements emailed.

During our initial complimentary consultation, we will provide an estimate of all work that will need to be done in order to maximize your rent potential and minimize the days on the market. It can be anything from cleaning, painting and lawn maintenance.

As part of our marketing and advertisement, we make sure your property will receive major exposure. We will take high definition pictures of your property inside and out highlighting it best features. We use websites like Zillow, Truilia, and the MLS. We will perform unlimited showings until a rental applicant is secured.

We take tenant screening very serious. This is the most value key to a successful rental experience. In order to ensure we have the highest quality tenant possible, we run the following reports: Applicant screening report (which includes employment, public rent record, sex offender data base and social security verification), criminal background check and credit report with fico score included.

We prepare a lease agreement contract that is fully compliant with local jurisdictional laws. Our leasing documents are prepared thru the Texas Association of Realtors. Once completed, the lease is reviewed by all parties in detail. At the end of the first year, owners are contacted to discuss the upcoming lease renewal and/or lease termination.

During the walk-thru, we make sure the tenant is in agreement that the property is in move-in condition. Pictures are taken before the tenant moves in to document the condition of the property. The tenant will sign a move in form stating they are expected to leave the property in the same condition minus normal wear and tear.

House keys are given to the tenant after all deposits have been collected. Security deposit equal to one month’s rent, pet deposit (if pets are allowed by the owner) and First month rent plus any prorated amounts depending on move in date.

D & P Property Management will be responsible for handling any homeowner association issues within our control. We will also contact any and all contractor needed to do any maintenance or repairs. Owners will be contacted first to review cost estimates before any large jobs are assigned.

Property inspections are performed twice yearly, but we are in contact with tenants on a monthly basis through general correspondence.

We report to our property owners on a monthly basis. Each month we email an owner statement detailing all financial transaction for the month, including rent collected, management fees, repairs and owner disbursements. Monthly statements also include copies of paid invoices and all receipts relating to any maintenance or repairs. Your tenants are invoiced monthly and in a timely matter for any outstanding charges that may be due. We track all financials so you don’t have to. Once we collect the rent, it will be directly deposited into your account thru ACH electronic banking system.

Rent is due monthly between the first and the third. Tenants are given three days to pay rent, regardless of weekends or holidays. Rent is considered late if received on the fourth day of the month. The tenant will be charged according to their lease agreement. Over 98% of the tenants pay rent using the ACH process; therefore most rents are deducted automatically between the first and the third of the month, reducing the chance of late payment.

On the sixth-seventh day, all owners will receive the monthly rental statement. By day six, but no later than day seven, each owner will see the rental funds deposited into their account on or before the tenth of each month.

Our Fee Schedule:

  1. Property listing fee schedules are in writing as part of the initial agreement with owner.
  2. Management fees are paid monthly. Our fee schedule is very competitive.
  3. Owners Maintenance Reserve is on account to cover repairs and maintenance.

The owner will be notified of all repairs. Any emergency repairs will be taken care of immediately. Invoices and receipts will be emailed to the owner immediately. All repairs totaling higher amounts will require owner authorization, or any amount set by the owner. This means, the repair job will not be started until the price quote is approved by the owner. Most owners carry Home Warranties on their rental properties. If you have a home warranty, simply add us as a point of contact and email a copy of your warranty information. If repairs are required on your rental, the warranty company will be contacted to repair and cover all cost involved. The homeowner will be responsible for the home warranty deductible.

D & P Property Management, LLC – Independently veteran owned and operated by Darryl Clinton, Broker, Owner, Manger and US Army Retired.

If you have any questions, please call or email at:

Our office hours are 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week, including most holidays. We are always available to answer your questions and address any concerns.